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Monday, 20 August 2012

Sarah and Simon's Album Preview

Below is your album preview, each of the pages is a double page spread. Please check carefully that you are happy with the layout and email me to let me know if there are any changes that need to be made. Once you are happy to proceed, I can then instruct the lab to print.

These images are very low resolution and do not reflect in any way the quality of the final album! This preview is just to a guide to allow you to get an idea of the layout. Ignore the boxes around the text and the blue lines around some of the photos!!

I hope they bring back many happy memories of what a wonderful day it was!


 Page 1
 Page 2 and 3
 Page 4 and 5
 Page 6 and 7
 Page 8 and 9
 Page 10 and 11
 Page 12 and 13
 Page 14 and 15
 Page 16 and 17
 Page 18 and 19
 Page 20 and 21
 Page 22 and 23
 Page 24 and 25
 Page 26 and 27
 Page 28 and 29
 Page 30 and 31
 Page 32 and 33
 Page 34 and 35
 Page 36 and 37
 Page 38 and 39
 Page 40 and 41
 Page 42 and 43
 Page 44 and 45
 Page 46 and 47

Page 49

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