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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Jodie and Andy VERSION TWO

Here is the second preview of your album. I have tried to include as many changes as requested!

front cover changed as requested
to the photo on the bridge in bw

flowers now in background, requested photos removed, bridemaids and Jodie added bottom left

photo on right replaced with bridemaids photo

family photo added top left and bw photo of Jodie and bridesmaid moved to overlay with large photo

group shot on left now in colour, top middle changed as requested.

changes as requested, only colour getting out of car, bridesmaid photo enlarged to fill in space

Jodie and Dad now in colour on left, the other three photos are only in bw

i do not have the photos you requested in colour, on your disk we copied, there was only the bw versions.  I cannot change a bw photo to colour!!

bottom left changed to colour, family group in colour as requested
photo requested at top to be in colour cannot happen, I do not have a colour version, see comment above on previous double page spread

this double page now two photos only as bw shot on left is portrait cannot be used as photo that can be have overlays

large pic as large as it can go without vertical cropping, two favourite confetti shots added, rest removed

bottom bench photo removed as requested and replaced with the one attached
have added the two photos as requested on the right, moved over walking shot a bit

top middle shot remove, bw photo is stretched to a panoramic, all three photos overlay this now as requested
replaced bw photo, which is now front cover, with large bench photo 

changes made as requested, top photo gone and replaced with table plan

changes made, lady removed and place setting added

parents moved to be as group of four, have kept in three middle photos that were on top as they work well there.  Photo on the right included as large as requested cropped as requested to include only Jodie

have removed photos as requested with exception of bottom right.  Added best man photo and one of the evening ones, think balance of page now looks right photo at bottom removed and replaced with the men

lightened both group shots as requested, can now see people at the back

changed bottom right first dance photo, this was attached and thought you wanted it included, means the kiss shot is gone kiss photo reinstated in the place of the middle bw

changes as requested, have added photos as instructed  photo of Jodie and Dad replaced photo second from left, top row

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